APC Member Benefits

Executive Networking

The Advanced Practices Council (APC) is one of the most recognized programs in which all members are senior IT executives - sharing and learning from peers facing the same opportunities and challenges in like-size organizations.  APC offers unmatched access, connections, research, peer-to-peer networking and intimate conversation that help our members achieve significant breakthroughs and transformations in their respective organizations. Best of all, APC members form long term relationships and support one another, and build...together!

Member Driven Research

Advanced Practices Council (APC) research is unlike that of other organizations. Our research agenda is selected, directed, and driven by members, who gain true actionable insight from the researchers and discussions at meetings.  We focus ONLY on what matters to members in their roles within leading organizations.  Members control agenda and we select researchers from renowned institutions, all around the world (e.g., Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, IMD) with proven track records of delivering leading-edge and practical and actionable results for senior executives. Researchers help members learn, integrate, execute, and build ROI through top line growth and bottom line reduction!

Sales-Free Environment

Unlike many programs that require members to attend high pressure sales programs, hold meetings with vendors, and visit exhibit booths, Advanced Practices Council (APC) accepts no outside financial support or advertising dollars from individuals or businesses looking to sell to our members.  The APC does not accept, endorse, or support any products or services in the market.  Since we only welcome members with senior IT roles within their organizations, we have a no-pressure, all learning, sharing, intimate, and confidential (yes, with Vegas rules!) environment for our members to grow and gain value and build ROI.